Amplifiers and speakers are not equipments that amplify audio signal only. Honestly and completely replay music with its natural colors is the only way to deliver the real joy of music listening. Rather than heavily manipulating design and circuitry to do so, usage of right techniques with sharp sensitivity to changes are most important above all.

Faithfully represent music with vivid and lively power. The pursuit of this everlasting theme is the mission of Audio Note.


Do everything only for getting good sound, spending 100% or even 200% of our energy to seek for the best quality.
We believe this build up our connections with audiophiles.

Our know-how was not only an accumulation of audio experiences, it is also a fruit of the desire for goodness linked to music.


No matter music or audio, when taking it seriously, is an expression of "beauty".
Exploring all possibilities to derive beautiful sound, is simply the pursue of "beauty".

We are presenting to the world, the most beautiful music with best technologies.

The Audio Silversmith

People call Audio Note's founder Mr. Hiroyasu Kondo "the Audio Silversmith".
Being the first person to use silver wires in audio designs, Mr. Kondo was given names of "The Audio Silversmith" and "The Master of Best Audio" for his position in the audio industry.
To get “the highest sound quality”, Mr. Kondo did comprehensive researches from the input position of audio signal up to the sound output, without a bit of compromise.
The charm of silver wires was brought up by his hands.
The sound of silver is warm yet vivid; it can fully express the vitality of music.
With bold but prudent idea to get the highest sound quality through using silver, an expensive metal which had never been used in audio design before, the sound character of Audio Note then was created. Audio Note silver wire is a product of audio passion with careful attentions on material handlings. And the products that applied Audio Note silver wire deliver sound qualities that reached and beyond the highest worldwide standard.
The products of Audio Note are made for and bond with audiophile’s heart. They seamlessly blend audio into music, with the ability of playback music with the best audio performances.

The Pioneer of silver audio - Kondo - Audio Note
The legend continues

After founder Mr. Kondo pass away, there is no change in Audio Note.
The philosophy of handmaking product set by set have no change.
The use of pure silver wires have no change.
Making transformer by the most skillful technician, making original silver capacitors, using direct wiring on all products.
All for the making of good sound quality.

To fulfill audiophile dreams. To be original. To make products reaching the realm of art.
It is the policy of Audio Note.