For the 40th anniversary

April, 2019

Audio Note President Masaki Ashizawa People often ask "How to become big ? What is the secret behind KONDO ?" I never have a feeling that we are big. I'm also sure that our founder Mr. Kondo didn't have that feeling too ! Because 99.9% of Japanese factories are much bigger than us, and even our suppliers are bigger than us.

Unfolding the pages of our history, Audio Note was established at Oct 1979. We started at a small garage of only 50 square meters where we learned a lot of knowledge and experiences. Due to the reason of lack of resources, we made several decisions to change our directions.
The classic M7 Tube was born after we gave up the first solid state pre-amplifier. Flagships Kagura and G1000 got their time to be developed after we stopped the speaker development projects. We focused to international market because we had that resources only.
There were also years of hardship suffering from losing our original trade name. To summaries all into a sentence : We are always small.

Today with a little bit bigger factory at Kawasaki, we work better than the old days. We are fully independent but still small. 7 staffs are the whole factory that we must do almost everything ourselves. On the contrary, we enjoy the benefit of being small. The lovely freedom of pursuing the beauties of music and sound.
Now new models receive a lot of prizes and we started to enter the Japan domestic market 3 years ago. They are small steps and our spirits remain the same.

Time flies, Audio Note will celebrate our 40th anniversary at the coming Oct.
Besides challenging ourselves with better designs and crafts, I am preparing some special events and gifts for you. I wish you will appreciate this 40 years old "small" audio maker and continue to support us in the future.

Masaki Ashizawa
Masaki Ashizawa
Audio Note Co., Ltd.